Digital Action Plan for SHIPT

Digital Action Plan for SHIPT

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Create a “digital action plan” for drawing attention/viewers/participants towards a grocery delivery service called SHIPT. SHIPT is an service that allows you to hire
a grocery shopper to do you shopping for you. The service is not available to all areas, but areas that do participate, will shop at certain groceries for you and
deliver your groceries to your home.

You should use some combination of screen shots and/or live webpages to illustrate your plan.

Make sure you complete the following steps:

Identify who your consumer base or audience is for this product. You should conduct some online research to back up your claims about the audience. Be sure to cite
your information sources.
Select three (3) social media platforms where you think promoting this product would be effective. Briefly (does not need a lot of detail at all) explain the three
sites you choose. Some may require more explanation than others, but you can assume that the audience have some background knowledge on web/social platforms, but might
not be familiar with your specific platforms.
For each platform/site provide the following
A justification for why you chose this platform for this product
The audience you think you will find on this platform
The kind of materials you would produce for this platform (images, groups, pages, posts, video, sponsoring others to produce content, etc) to promote your product
Explain how these materials are suited to both the platform AND the consumer
Explain at least two (2) difficulties you may have reaching users of this platform
Consider using the Pew Internet publications, available from to help guide your answers. Make sure to link back to the reports you
choose to use. You may also use other resources as necessary. Pew is just a good starting point. Be sure to provide links for what you choose to use.

Keep in mind throughout the paper that you are effectively trying to sell your audience on both your product and your specific promotion strategy. There should be a
clear relationship between your strategy and your product. Just because Facebook and Twitter might have the most users, doesn’t mean they’re the best sites for promotion.

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