Daffodil Inn

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Assessment Task: Assignment 2
Submission Date and Time: 11 December, 11:59pm
Value (Weight): 30% of total assessment
Word Length: 2000 words (plus or minus 10%)
Learning Outcome(s): 1-3
Assessment Instructions
• Use the specified Case Study entitled “Daffodil Inn” as provided in your textbook
• No other case will be marked.
‘Daffodil Inn’. In Jabri, M. (2017), ‘Daffodil Inn’, in Managing Organizational
Change, pp. 130-133.
Utilising the specified Case Study provided and from your own perspective as a
change agent or management consultant, formulate your own change agency plan
to diagnose the situation at hand.
Your plan must draw upon a wide range of appropriate and relevant concepts and
processes. Please remember, this assignment assesses not only your diagnostic
ability but also your aptitude for communicating your findings.
Use the specified Case to provide an operational context for devising and presenting
your own knowledge. Consider all organisational details in the case as relevant and
Assignment 2 will be marked according to the following criteria:
• Clarity and the justification of your role as an agent/leader for change
(comprises 20%).
• Soundness of your identification and discussion of the forces to be addressed
at Daffodil Inn along with the options you see to be reflecting a desired state
inspired by promoting growth and service responsiveness (comprises 20%).
• Relevance of your discussion of how you would work your way intervening at
the level of more than one person or group (comprises 20%).
• Relevance of your discussion of issues and choices associated with TQM,
action research and/or any other change lever such as appreciative inquiry
(comprises 20%).
• Breadth of considerations of how to create readiness, create a conducive
workplace climate and spark growth at Daffodil Inn from your perspective as a
change agent or management consultant (comprises 20%).

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