Custom Essay Writing services:Public Health

Custom Essay Writing services:Public Health

Keep in mind that much of our discourse will almost always revolves about our basics,  “…distribution and determinants of health (the health-related) and diseases, morbidity, injuries, disability, and mortality, population focus, studies applied to the control of the health-related issues…” and the understanding of these and related concepts(Friis & Sellers, 2009).

  • Try to address as many of the 5 W’sand the 1 H (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) as possible in all your writings/responses. Look for the 5 W’s & the 1H in all that you read. Also, try to incorporate our language and lesson objectives in your thinking and writings/responses.
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  • Remember to paraphraseand to cite and reference where appropriate.




Part 1

  • What is Public Health? (Write a paragraph of 150 words)
  • Please visit one of the websites listed below. There you will find free web-based courses on Public Health and Field Epidemiology and an overview from the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health. After reviewing theWhat Is Public Health?Website, please discuss two things you learned about public health and how it affects your life. How is this information relevant to understanding the important concepts of public health?
  • List all references and shareURLs in your posting. (2-3 references)
  • Website:What Is Public Health?





Part 2

  • Mortality and Morbidity (Write a paragraph of 150)
  • Utilizing the Internet, public libraries, and/or books, research the mortality and morbidity rates for your city, county, or state (County: Los Angeles, State: California). Discuss your findings. List all references (2-3 references).
  • NOTE: Choose various cities, counties, and states to research and compare.
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