Cultural Self-Study Paper

Cultural Self-Study Paper

The purpose of this paper is to explore your own culture because understanding ourselves is the first step to understanding each other. Using a variety of resources (these can be family interviews, books/articles, and histories) explore the following characteristics of yourself. For example: how do you fit into the historical facts? What are your beliefs/values/rituals? Are they similar to what you researched? Are your family roles/relationships based on the history of your group or have you done things differently? Do your responses to illnesses come from your cultural roots? Use the following list as headings/subtitles in your paper.

1.Introduction Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
2.General description of your group (race, ethnic background), including nature and origin
3.History, location, size, and impact of your group in the US
4.Rituals, beliefs, values, religion
5.Language/communication patterns
6.Response of other groups to yours
7.Family patterns, roles and relationships
8.Health and illness definitions, roles, responses (e.g. to pain, nutrition, activities)
9.Alternative/complementary health practices
10.Conclusion: Your impressions about being part of this group

easy essay but should stand at A CHINESE perspective

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