cultural memory in relation to “Secret Path of Gordie Downie”

Argumentative Essay
Write something about cultural memory in relation to “Secret Path of Gordie Downie”, you will need to decide which text you wanted to write on The Secret Path. Therefore your key words might look something like this: cultural memory, identity, residential schools, and Canada.
Either directly or indirectly, address the idea of cultural memory. Using the “Secret Path of Gordie Downie “explain how cultural memory is conveyed by the text. What is the significance of cultural memory? Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts! What forms can cultural memory take? Are different forms of text (i.e graphic novel, film, autobiography, fiction etc.) particularly suited for transmitting cultural memory? How does the text allow you to understand the significance of cultural memory, and/or any attendant historic traumas associated with this memory? How might you think of cultural memory and the role it plays in relation to the field of nursing?

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