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The views of using crowdfunding as an alternative way to start or expand a small business in Thailand

Chapter 2 : Literature review ( Around 4000-4500 words)

2.1 Define Crowdfunding

• Introduction of crowdfunding

• Definition of crowdfunding

2.2 Explain about the model of crowdfunding
• The model must be related with Borrowers, Internet (Crowdfunding Platforms) and Invertors

• Explain 4 models of crowdfunding ( Reward, Donation, Lending and Equity based)
• Explain Advantage and Disadvantage

2.3 Tradition method for funding small business

• Explain what is the small business

• Difficulty to start up business in Thailand
• Explain around 5 Traditional Funding Methods for Small Businesses
• What is the problem that arising from small business trying to invest by using traditional funding method?

2.4 Crowdfunding in Thailand

• Analysing the current situation of crowdfunding in Thailand

• Problems e.g. legal and accessing

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