Critique Austin’s answer on Four Adaptive leadership competencies/distinguish Leadership from Authority

Critique Austin’s answer to the following questions. (Student answer attached below)
Case Study: Read the case study, “Redeveloping Mission and the ‘Driveway Tax’ Controversy”
Answer the Following Questions:
1. Compare the differences between adaptive challenges and technical fix interpretations in the case study. Critique the interventions used and ways it changed or could have changed the outcome in the case study.
2. Examine the challenges that arose between leadership vs authority in the case study. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
3. Relate ways the four competencies were used or could have been used to change the outcome in the case study.
*****Must utilize and cite material from the unit’s course information/readings, including complete internal citations and a reference list.****
Attached is the Case study and the course information/reading that must be cited from. You must familiarized with the unit concepts/reading list/ website…. to answer the questions

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