Critical Analysis Paper

Critical Analysis Paper: Deliver a holistic written assessment related to a specific case.

You are expected to:

  1. Clearly identify the context
  2. Explain what the situation/problem is
  3. Integrate course theories you consider are relevant/apply (x3)
  4. Provide your own personal remarks.

*You can choose any topic (x1) of your selection/interest and develop it as indicated above

E.g. Can be about tariffs between US and ChinaProfessional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Situation: USA is losing power and want to counteract…

Explain situation/problem and the consequence of this

Apply relevant theories/concepts/frameworks

Give own perspective

(This is just a random example, does not need to be this)


**Read widely: read journal articles, etc. as well as the news- the richer the arguments, the more likely you will have a better analysis

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