Criminal justice ballot measures

Criminal justice ballot measures

As we have now learned, criminal justice laws and policies are developed in the context of the time and reflect the political context of the day. We have also learned that these laws and policies can tire; even if they were successful; and that laws often have a shelf life. While the general consensus is that the American public is punitive (Quinney, 1970) there have been occasions when the citizenry has

overridden previously constructed criminal justice law and its’ associated policy through the use of ballot measures. Your assignment is to identify one such occasion.

Criminal Justice Ballot Measures

Ballot measures also referred to as ballot initiatives and referendums (I&R), provide citizens with the opportunity to discuss and vote on policy issues at the local level and state level. Some other names for ballot measures include initiative and referendum (I&R), voter propositions or initiatives or citizen initiatives.

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Ballot Initiative Guidelines (Case Study 1) DUE 9/17Links to an external site.

Once identified, write a minimum of 2 pages on your chosen criminal justice policy reform (APA format)

using the following prompts and embedded guidelines.

Summarize the particular ballot initiative that you have chosen-include the original law (associated penalties etc.) what the initiative seeks to achieve, what did the process entail and who was involved in changing/reforming it? Finally-what was the outcome?
Using the findings of the review above; discuss what political ideologies appear to ground both
sides of the policy under review? (the original law/policy and the changed version/amendment). Can you trace these back to any particular party?

Identify where you think that the reformers lie on the crime control continuum.
Do you agree with the outcome of the ballot initiative that you have studied? – Why or why not?
Be specific.

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