Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


In your role as a member of the staff working party(optus)(  on innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) you have been asked to recommend some actions the organisation could take to address a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) goal 8  ( You must make your recommendations in the form of a business report in which you:

  • identify and define a CSR issue that relates to the SDG you have chosen to target and your organization.
  • explore the issue by sourcing and analysing relevant and reliable information (including data). (include graph)
  • identify and evaluate potential solutions to the issue leading to clear recommendation(s).
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Additional requirements

  • incorporate evidence from at least six scholarly or other reliable sources.
  • use appropriate business report structure, language and presentation (as covered in the unit materials).
  • use double line spaced with 2.54 cm margins.


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