Construction and Sustainable Technologies

Construction and Sustainable Technologies

Coursework 1 Brief

Clear statement of the work that students are expected to undertake:

This coursework will assess your understanding of construction technology and environmental impact in the application of sustainability criteria to the workplace. It has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop their ability to critically evaluate an office/space within an existing building. In the first phase ascertain and evaluate the construction of the workspace identifying factors to be considered when evaluation environmental sustainability.

(In the second phase of the work -Coursework 2- you will make recommendations on potential alterations/mitigation for any adverse impacts.)

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Prepare a physical and environmental appraisal of your workplace:

Identify describe and appraise the building design, construction, materials and the mechanical and electrical services in a commercial workplace. Discus the factors to be considered when carrying out an environmental appraisal of the office space. You should also include the property/building in the context of its site and its location within a wider environment/locale having regard to accessibility and environmental impacts from transport/commuting

Additional Instructions to students:

To provide an environmental assessment of the workplace you will need to review the relevant literature on construction, materials and services as well as environmental assessments by referring to good construction and environmental practices in standard texts, published literature as well as current issues in professional reports.

There are a number of certification schemes/environmental assessment tools available across the world that you might want to consider and utilise some aspects of one or more to give you a framework for your report. These include, but are not limited to, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Building Research Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).

Further Information

Learning Outcomes assessed in this assessment:

• Critically examine recent and current construction technologies across domestic and commercial applications.
• Critically evaluate passive low carbon design techniques and their application in current construction to meet the regulatory environment and the aspirations of the market.
• Critically analyse information, make recommendations, demonstrate judgement and communicate findings.
• Understand the concepts of sustainability and apply them to the built environment

Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme:

Clarity, grammar, professional format and layout, referencing & bibliography 10%

Identification and evaluation of building design, materials and services and location 45%

Discussion of the factors to be considered in respect of an environmental evaluation 45%

Referencing Style:
APA 6th edition or Harvard Northumbria

Expected size of the submission:

Your report should be a maximum of 2,500 words

Front covers, contents pages, tables, figures, charts, references, bibliography, appendices and notes on drawings DO NOT count within your word limit; however, there is an expectation as to their sensible use.

Clearly and accurately state the word length of the report on the front cover sheet. If you deliberately provide a false word length, this will be treated as academic misconduct under the University regulations.

The following penalties will be applied after any reductions in mark due to late submissions have been made:

Under the word limit:
No Penalty: In not making use of the full word count, you may have self-penalised your work. If you have been able to achieve the requirements of the assessment using fewer words than allocated, you will not be penalised.
Up to 10% over the word limit:
No Penalty: Situation may be flagged by tutor in feedback but over-run is tolerated and no deduction is made from the final mark
More than 10% over the word limit:
Under current University assessment regulations marking will stop at this point.

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