Conical cork

tank has an area 2cm at its bottom and in this hole a conical cork is placed and water is filled up .the water level is made to fall slowly by means of another orifice in the tank. when the water level comes to the height of ‘H’ cm , the conical cork just comes out from the hole. Given .volume of water=80cm3 .mass of cork=40 gm area of hole=2cm2 density of water=1gm/cm3 area of cross section of conical cork =8cm2 height of cork submerged in water=120/7 cm.take g=10m.s2 pie=22/7 .
1.Calculate the value of ‘H’
2.Calculate the force exerted by the water on the curved surface of the conical cork submerged in water when the liquid level in the vessel is equal to H
3.The total force exerted by all the fluids on the conical cork in the vertical direction

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