This paper is based on your experience with obstetric-gynecology class. Explain the experience that you had on the attended classes (ex: breastfeeding classes, post vaginal delivery care, how to bathe a newborn, etc).

  1. Name, address and purpose of organization: Provides the name and address of the organization. Details a clear description of the purpose of the organization


Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital – PIH Health – Whittier, California

12401 Washington Blvd, Whittier, CA 90602

  1. Population served: a. Type of patients served
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  2. Type of health care concerns

Shows an excellent understanding of the population served at this organization.

  1. Professional services: Identifies professional services available in this setting
  2. Geographical/environment al issues a. Facility
  3. Physical layout
  4. Accessibility
  5. Transportation issues

Details a complete analysis of geographical and environmental issues of the organization.

  1. Social issues of the population: Insightfully details and discusses social issues of the population.
  2. Organization’s internal and external means of communication: Discusses with detail the ways the organization communicates internally and with the community
  3. Activities during the community experience: Discusses with detail the activities experienced during the community experience.
  4. Programs or changes to better serve the community: Analyzes what program changes might better serve the community.
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