Co-occurrence of domestic violence and child abuse

Co-occurrence of domestic violence and child abuse

Assignment 2 (35 Points)–Paper on Co-occurrence of domestic violence and child abuse (DUE WEEK 8) Papers should be between 5 and 8 pages and must incorporate a minimum of 3 sources from the course material and your own research. Although APA format is not required, this paper should be written in a professional voice and include a works cited page at the end. You must use the articles in our course Blackboard that are specifically noted as being the required content for this assignment. They are designated by the phrase “USE THIS FOR ASSIGNMENT Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!2” Required Content: The documented co-occurrence of domestic violence and child maltreatment requires that social workers respond to families in ways that adequately address both the best interests of the child and the safety of the abused/non-offending parent. For the purpose of this paper, focus on child abuse that is perpetrated by the batterer. In your paper, outline and discuss the following issues: 1. Prevalence of and reasons for the co-occurrence of domestic violence and child abuse/neglect; 2. Barriers to collaboration between child protection workers and advocates against domestic violence; 3. Proposed solutions to address these barriers which respond to the needs of abused children and parents–including best practices for the safety of the child and the non-offending parent 4. Cultural considerations affecting interventions and policy development regarding child maltreatment and domestic violence 5. Best practices for perpetrator containment and safety found in your research

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