Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol

Robert Zemeckis is the playwright of the film “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” while Charles Dickens is the screenwriter of the film. The play script in the film as presented by the Playwright Robert Zemeckis has directed and adapted the much loved Dicken’s much loved motion capture animation that has been made available in either 2D or 3D. The playwright is concerned with the preservation of the Christmassy brand in extensive and detailed manner. The play creates a digital imagery which is established from the life performance of the performers (Peter, 11). The actors in the film re-established a physical existence which are currently in existence and are impeccably part of the imagined universe.  The work will evaluate or review the CSUF adaptation of the film “Disney’s A Christmas Carol”.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

According to playwright Dickens, the play is all about the true spirits which have been cheerfully been exaggerated. The play begins with the presentation of the courageous heroines and heroes who are surrounded by a gallery of cartoons and characters. The protagonists of the play include: Ebenezer Scrooge. The screenplay Jim Carrey is presented somewhere beneath the capture animation performance where the viewer can recognize his expressive mouth (Peter, 18). Nevertheless, the characters presented by Zemeckis do not resemble the original characters in the film. At the first presentation of the film in writing one would come across such characters like Tom Hanks but later the presentation of the characters ended up changing and included such characters like: Gary Oldman, Robin Wright, Bob Hoskins and Tim Roth.

The stage setting of the film “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” is believed to be in London. Zemeckis, places the characters in this play setting in order to stretch and twist the film to reflect a ghoulish mood. In the film, the playwright makes comparison of the environment with the individuals’ characters. For instance, Zemeckis considers Scrooge’s living room to be tall and narrow just like Scrooge (Peter, 19). In addition, he suggests that Fred’s living room is warm and wide just like the personality of Fred. Zemeckis believes that through the use of animation, both the screenwriter and playwright possess the freedom to present everything they think or believe to be worth in the film.

The film adaptation is based on the three starring ghosts who are believed and seems to be spectacular. The first ghost is about a dainty figure with a constantly burning head and a hat that is shaped in the form of a candle-snuffer. The second ghost is referred to as the ahem and flies out of the window  where Scrooge sees the whole street having been filled with spectral figures which are floating and each of them chained together in a heavy rock. The film “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” is too flexible that both the playwright and the screenwriter manage to discuss the voices of all the three Christmas ghosts. The film does not only represent the movies future but it also illustrates its 3-D traits. Unlike other film directors, Zemeckis manages to use the 3-D technique throughout the film instead of being manipulated by it. The final ghost is the Alan Silvestri which is sneaked with the traditional Charismas carols. The distinctive rhythm transforms the sinister during the dangerous flight to London (Peter, 21). Previous, the “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” would have scared many people but today it is one of the quality film which parents all over the world would hope their children to watch. In addition, it was previously meant to be watched by the kids but it is currently an entertainment for the adults. In conclusion, the California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) should go ahead and adapt the cinematic and literature skills as presented in the “Disney’s A Christmas Carol.”

Work cited

Peter, B. Robert Zemeckis gives the Polar Express treatment to the seasonal perennial.2014. Oxford University Press.

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