Children and Electronics

Children and Electronics

You learned a lot about sensation and perception in this unit. With this knowledge, you are going to conduct further research on the topic of young children being exposed to TV/screens.

Start by reading the following sources:

Infants, Toddlers and Television (from The Urban Child Institute)
Media and Young Children’s Learning (from The Future of Children)
The section, Media and Young Children’s Learning, begins on page 39.
Television, Commercials, and Your Child (from Psychology Today)
Once you have read these articles and have a better sense of the issues at hand, you will create a PowerPoint presentation in which you explain (in your own words) the issues that need to be considered on this topic. Pretend that you are a psychologist giving a presentation to a group of parents of young children. What information do they need to know about this topic?

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Your presentation needs to cover the following topics. Make sure that you clearly label each slide (with a title at the top of the slide) to indicate each of these topics:

The benefits of exposure to television and electronic devices to young children (should be 2-3 slides)
The drawbacks of exposure to television and electronic devices to young children (should be 2-3 slides)
The amount of exposure you recommend based on different ages of young children
3-5 guidelines for parents to know/follow
It is fine to include 1 to 3 quotes, but the majority of the writing must be in your own words and not directly copied from any other sources. Be sure to cite all of your sources on your slides using in-text citations, and include a reference slide at the end with your list of APA-formatted sources. You are encouraged to include other sources beyond the three listed here.

Please note, I am not sure if you prepare PowerPoint presentation. But if you don’t, you can break up the information that would go onto each slide in paragraph format.

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