Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity

The first column should introduce the topic and what my topic is and steering towards parent. Discuss from birth to age 8. Just pick 1 age group to go with the topic. Why its development appropriate for the age group you have chosen. Example, tell parents how kids do not know the different in healthy food vs non healthy food. Second column= give specific tips about the topic. Like why it important to lose weight or stay healthy. List healthy tip or ways to stay healthy. Third Column= conclude the discussion on how you approach to the topic align with Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts! NAEYC guideline and how you can address ethical obligations. MUST STATES NAEYC ETHICAL CODE OF CONDUCT IN THE LAST COLUMN. EXAMPLE: ORDING TO NAYEC ETHICAL CODE OF CONDUCT AS A EARLY CHILDHOOD PROFESSIONAL I MUST and then pick 1 of they guideline they apply to the topic with cited NAEYC as a source.

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