Cheap Custom Essay:Literature And English Questions

Cheap Custom Essay:Literature And English Questions

Please correct the following run-ons, fragments, and comma errors in the sentences below. If a sentence is correct, write a C beside it. Each question is worth a total of two points for a total of 30 points in this section.

  1. I enjoyed Ta-Nehesi Coates’ Between the World and Me. Despite the fact that I generally don’t read non-fiction.
  2. Coates’ book is about identity; the impossible task of freeing one’s self from self and societally imposed labels to reach oneś true potential.
  3. Working a full-time job can make completing your coursework difficult. Struggling to balance the demands of work and school.
  4. There are many ways to improve your essay. For example, strengthening assertions, deepening analysis, and expanding support, to name a few.
  5. Although Caroline tried to eat all of her sushi. She just managed to finish a bit of her unagi roll.
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  6. I enjoyed the graphic novel The Complete Persepolis, however, I tend to read more classics than contemporary works.
  7. The next time you decide to watch TV, don’t watch the news, watch a sitcom.
  8. The internet was down, therefore, I was unable to complete my midterm.
  9. After Coates learns his friend and Howard University classmate, Prince Jones has been killed, he searches for answers through his journalistic writing and in the form of his book.
  10. In the Middle Ages, the streets of London were dangerous places; it was safer to travel by boat along the Thames.
  11. I like to do yoga in the mornings, and then jog in the afternoons with my best friend.
  12. In 2014 women outnumbered men as students at most colleges.
  13. During the church service many of the elders stepped outside to pray for the sick child.
  14. Roger is learning how to windsurf but he seldom practices on the San Francisco Bay.
  15. Kelly brought her sunscreen, her hat her towel and her umbrella to the lake.
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