Case Study Essay Help-Issues with Standardization of Products

Case Study Essay Help-Issues with Standardization of Products

Case Questions

1. What are the pertinent issues in this case?

2. What were the problems with the way evaluation of the product was designed and carried out?

3. What are the supply-side and demand-side implications of this scenario?

4. Design a method for product evaluation that would eliminate bias and assure the collection of accurate data.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

5. Knowing surgeons are creatures of habit, how might one design a clinical trial that could make surgeons more comfortable with using a new product?

Case Study 1: Issues with Standardization of Products

You are the OR Director at Metropolitan Suburban Hospital. You’ve come to realize that there are two major companies that manufacture sutures for the operating room. At this time, your operating room is using the most popular sutures on the market. The leading competitor gives you a proposal for switching sutures. By using their comparable sutures your hospital could potentially save almost $2 million next year…,cont’d

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