Therapist: Date:

Client System Description:
Mr. X is a 45 year old, Caucasian male who is married to Mrs. X, a 35 year old Hispanic female. The couple recently married in July 2015 after co-habitating for 15 years. Mr. and Mrs. X have 2 children, ages 13 and 11. (Add other demographic information as needed).
Presenting Concerns:
Mr. and Mrs. X presented for therapy reporting a long history of communication problems (elaborate as needed).
Background Information:
Family of Origin
Social History
Educational History
Occupational History
Medical History Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
Substance Use/Abuse
Trauma/Abuse History
Attachment Patterns:
Speculate here about attachment patterns within each client’s family system and explain your rationale. Include information that is relevant in assessing each client’s attachment style. Indicate follow up questions you could ask related to gaining information about attachment.
Please reference 1-2 articles from a peer reviewed journal (or books used during class) and use APA Style.
Ex. Mrs. X displays a secure attachment pattern with her husband as evidenced by…
Ex. Mrs. X’s reported that her relationship with her mother was strained and recalls mother calling her names frequently throughout her childhood.
FMTH 520 Case Conceptualization Information

Client System Description:
• Kathy and James – married 14 years
• Kathy, age 32; James – age 34
• Together, they have 1 daughter, age 11
• Kathy works as a nurse in a hospital
• James works as a police officer
• Kathy is Caucasian, James is Hispanic
• Both Kathy and James identify as Christian. James insists on attending church every Sunday
Presenting Problem:
• Kathy has attended therapy for 7 years due to extensive physical/emotional abuse and trauma.
• Kathy and James presented for therapy together after she discovered that James had an extramarital affair.
• James states that is was a “one night stand” and indicated that it would not have occurred if he had not been drinking
• Kathy knows that James had been contacting her even after the “one night stand” because she read through his emails and text messages
• Kathy reported a history of emotional abuse in the marital relationship and stated that the couple had problems even before the affair but she never thought he would cheat in her
• In individual sessions, Kathy has stated that she would like to be able to leave James, however, when the topic arises she gets anxious and feels like “I can’t live without him.”
• James has left Kathy on two occasions, however, called her the next day and returned home because he wants to “keep my family together even though she is crazy.”
Family of Origin (Kathy):
• Mother was disengaged from family. She displayed lack of interest in Kathy and would tell her to “get the hell away from me” most of the time.
• Father was depressed most of her life. Kathy recalls having to take care of him when she was 9 to make sure he was getting out of bed at least once during the day
• Parents divorced when she was 12 and father left without telling her goodbye or explaining where he was going
• Father did not keep in contact regularly and really withdrew from Kathy when he found a new girlfriend
• Kathy has one younger brother with whom she is close. She reported that their relationship was strained growing up but has been repaired.
• She currently has no contact with mother
Family of Origin (James):
• James is the oldest of two children
• Parents have been married for nearly 40 years
• James’ father is a pastor and works long hours.
• Mother works in a daycare setting
• James describes his childhood as “good”
• He experienced his mother as nurturing and wants her to continue to remain very involved in his life
• He and sister are not close
• James and father have a distant relationship
• James expects Kathy to maintain a traditional female role in the family (cleaning, cooking, planning social events, etc.) and yells when she does not meet his expectations.
• Kathy was physically/emotionally/verbally abused by her mother throughout her childhood
• Kathy was molested by mother’s friend during a late night party
• She was raped at age 15 at a party, was impregnated, and mother forced her to have an abortion

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