Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver Burnout

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Choose any topic related to death and dying (see suggestions in syllabus). Paper must be 3 pages long and you need to use at least 5 sources (other than the textbook.) Sources must be peer-reviewed (the facts/information in the source are validated by others in the field). Paper must be in APA format. Use quotes from your sources sparingly. Research the topic, then tell me (or any reader) what you learned. Due date: 12/8/17.
Paper should follow this format:

State your topic and include some brief background information on your topic
Body of paper
Explain issue/topic
Include research that supports the topic
Include your thoughts and feelings on the topic. Do you agree or disagree? Or what is your experience. Keep this to a paragraph or two and use research to support your point of view
A brief summary of what you wrote. No new information should be included here.

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