Career Immersion Day Makeup Assignment

Career Immersion Day Makeup Assignment

1. Provide a copy of your most recent resume and put that as page 1 of your paper. (Attached in additional files and not included in the 5-page count). Currently, I am a student, so look for finance internships and entry-level jobs related to finance in the U.S.

2. Your paper will have 3 short “chapters.” For EACH chapter you will provide the following:

a. Provide an actual job description for a job to which you would (hypothetically or actually) apply ( must be related to your major ). Please copy the full job description into the 1st page of the chapter, together with the name of the company to which you are applying. Please provide the URL for the job description so that we can verify it.

b. Write a cover letter that specifically integrates your qualifications for the job specifically addressing the requirements illuminated in the job description. DO NOT PUFF OR SELF-FLATTER!!!! This cover letter must explain why you can competitively provide value to the employer relative to others who might also be applying.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

c. Indicate what changes to your resume you would make for this particular position (you cannot make up stuff about yourself – your resume must be “real.”)

d. Indicate what type of networking you would do to improve your prospects.

• If you have done online research about the company, provide a summary of what you have learned.
• If you know someone who works for the company, indicate who they are and what their position is.
• If you do not know anyone, what steps would you take to find out about the company culture, etc.

3. You need to provide all of these components for EACH of the 3 “Chapters.” Each of the 3 (three) different job descriptions must be for jobs for you which you are eligible to apply. That means 3 cover letters, 3 actual job description related to finance and business, and so on.

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