Capital punishment

Capital punishment

Essay #2: Visual Rhetorical AnalysisGrade: 20% of your final gradeLength: minimum 1000 words (not including Works Cited) in MLA format, 12-point fontSource limit: Two (2) sources minimum. Your primary source (the visual) and one secondary source that supports your analysis.You must include a “Works Cited” page and use correct MLA format for in-text (parenthetical) citations.The Visual Rhetorical Analysis assignment asks you to select a visual concerning your selected topic and analyze its features to discover a deeper cultural meaning. Just like a written text, a visual communicates meaning on a deeper level beyond merely the literal. Your essay will illuminate this meaning thereby helping your audience Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!understand your interpretation of the image.Your instructor MUST approve your visual. If your paper analyzes a visual that was not approved by the instructor, the paper will receive a grade of zero.In analyzing a visual, you should consider these questions:What idea or product or service is being depicted?Who seems to be the targeted audience?What is the visual’s primary strategy?Does it use specific rhetorical strategies such as humor, understatement, or irony?What is the relation between the visual part of the image (photo, drawing, typeface, etc.) and the print part (the text or copy)?What is the overall visual impression?What are the deeper cultural implications being displayed or addressed here? Remember that your essay should be free of grammatical and mechanical mistakes, and you should, as always, proofread your

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