Business Process Assignment

Business Process Assignment

In this individual assignment you will display your ability to model business processes using the
Bizagi Modeler in order to model a total of 6 business processes. The Bizagi Modeler is a
freeware program that you can download and install on your own PC computer. It is also
available on all COBA lab computers if you would rather use it there. There is not a Mac version.
Business Process 1
Withdrawing cash from an ATM is a business process between a customer and the ATM (bank
system). The customer must first insert a bankcard to start the process. Once inserted, the ATM
identifies the bankcard and then returns it to the customer. The customer takes the bankcard
and the ATM then requests the customer’s PIN associated with that card. The customer enters
the PIN and the ATM then validates the card/PIN combination. If the PIN does not match the
card, the customer is prompted to reenter the PIN. Once a valid PIN has been entered the ATM
displays available account options. The customer selects withdraw cash and the ATM displays Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
available withdrawal options. The customer selects the amount to withdraw and the ATM
verifies that funds are available in the customer’s account. If funds are not available the ATM
displays the available funds and gives the customer the option to select a different amount. The
customer can either select a different amount or cancel the transaction. If the transaction is
canceled the process ends. If the funds are available the ATM first debits the customer’s
account and then dispenses the cash.
Business Process 2
University faculty members often travel to conferences to present research papers. The
associated expenses are reimbursed through a business process called Travel Expense
Reimbursement. The travel reimbursement process occurs after the faculty returns from a trip
and starts with the faculty member filling out an expense form. The faculty member then submits
the completed form to the department chair for review and approval. The department chair
can make one of three decisions regarding the reimbursement request; he can reject the
request as a non-reimbursable expense which ends to process, he can return it to the faculty
member for corrections, or he can approve it. If the expenses are approved, the department
chair sends the form to accounts payable for check processing. The accounts payable
department checks the form for errors and distributes a check to the faculty member if
everything is in order. If the account payable department identifies any errors in the request it is
returned to the faculty member for correction. If corrections are required by the accounts
payable office the faculty member must correct the form and then send it back to the
department chair for re-approval. If approved, the form is sent back to accounts payable
which will again verify the information and either send it back for additional corrections or
accept it and distribute the check.
Business Process 3, 4, 5 & 6
For this part of the assignment, you’ll begin by selecting 2 of the businesses listed below that
have been disruptive using technology. For each organization selected, you’ll model two
separate processes referred to as the “As-Is” and “To-Be” process models. You’ll model how
people would utilize or interact with each of the services provided by these businesses in 2018
(“To-Be”) versus how a person would’ve accomplished a similar process prior to that disruption
(“As-Is”). In some cases, it would even be helpful to identify a specific organization that was
disrupted in order to assist in the creation of your As-Is model. (Example: Netflix disrupting
Blockbuster). It may also be necessary to do some research on the 2 businesses that you select in
order to understand how their process works so that you can model it properly.
Uber LimeBike ZipCar AirBnB
Expedia/Kayak/Trivago StubHub Skype Yelp
Wikipedia Kickstarter Amazon Apple iPod
Slack Google Drive
(Cloud Storage) Google Maps eBay
 The Bizagi Modeler allows for multiple diagrams in the same file. Please create one Bizagi
Modeler file (.bpm) and create all 6 business process diagrams within that same file as
separate diagrams. (Failure to model each as a separate diagram is an automatic 30
point deduction.)
 Using the Bizagi Modeler:
o Create a diagram that depicts Business Process 1.
o Create a diagram that depicts Business Process 2.
o Create a separate As-Is diagram for each organization selected depicting how
each would have worked without technology (Business Process 3 & 4).
o Create a separate To-Be diagram for each organization selected depicting how
each works in 2018 utilizing technology (Business Process 5 & 6).
o Write a description of the As-Is process for each organization selected and
include it in each diagram next to the process model as a Formatted Text box
(Business Process 3 & 4).
o Write a description of the To-Be process for each organization selected and
include it in each diagram next to the process model as a Formatted Text box
(Business Process 5 & 6).
 Save and submit your file as a .bpm called lastname_firstname_businessprocess.bpm

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