Bullying In Schools and What Can Leaders Do

Bullying In Schools and What Can Leaders Do

This is a capstone paper/research. This is a leadership class.
Please take what I have in paper named “Lekeisha Woods” and add to your 20 pages. I’m using from a previous class paper that I did and adding what this professor want for Capstone. Must follow “CAPSTONE GUIDE AND TEMPLATE” (see sample Capstones in uploaded files). Set up as Chapters and the subheadings. Set up Table of Contents like samples where you click on heading and it jumps to page.
Afterward I should have over 40 pages in all. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Research Questions for Capstone
1. What are the impacts on children being bullied in school as they grow into adulthood?
2. What can school leaders do? (because this is a leadership class and professor said I need to add something in reference to leadership.

No less than 25 Survey questions and you can act like you surveyed the questions.

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