British automobile industry

British automobile industry

This semester, you will be writing a 10­12 page historical research paper. Please remember that while a
research paper must contain facts, it is not a biography, summary, or history; consequently, your paper
must have a strong focus and use its facts to support an opinion (your thesis). You will choose a subject
that interests you. Two students may not share the same topic.
Anglo­Saxon or Medieval Period
Seventeenth Century or Restoration Period
Victorian Period
Modernist Period
The Process
All elements of the research paper, aside from the note cards, should be typed.
Research Paper Step Due Points
Topic Question and Working Outline Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
Question should supply focus and necessitate an opinion­based answer (eventually,
your thesis). Remember a working outline is quite brief but covers any concepts or
ideas that you think will be associated with your question. The purpose is not to
outline a paper, but to outline a course of reading that will answer a question. This
outline will also provide you with the slugs you need to put at the left top of note cards. 9/12 /10
40 Note Cards and 10+ Bibliography Cards
Each bibliography card has the proper citation for one source. Every source used must
have a bibliography card. Only reliable, academic sources allowed. No encyclopedias
(this includes Wikipedia). Remember the first three pieces of information you must
place on all note cards: the slug on the top left line, the source identifier in the upper
right corner, and either the page number of a print source or the date you visited the
internet site. Without these, even the best notes are worthless in writing a paper since
the fact cannot be validated in a citation. Then, include one piece of information and
clearly designate if it is quoted or paraphrased. 10/5 /25
Rough Draft
Must be typed, 10­12 pages, and following MLA guidelines. CD:CM ratio should be
around 2:1. The majority of CDs should be in your own words; quotations should be
fluidly incorporated into your sentences. All CDs must be cited with parenthetical
citations. Should already include a Works Cited page. 10/16 /40
Final Draft
Will be graded on formatting, adherence to MLA research paper guidelines,
sophistication of argument, strength of CD and CM support, quality of writing
(grammar and style), and effort in revisions. The rough draft must be stapled to the
back of the final draft (following the works cited page). 10/23 /100

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