Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in Public

Hi, I am doing my third year in Food and Nutrition degree in the UK. The full title is Public Acceptance of Breastfeeding in Public. This is a 5000-6000 words Research Project that I have to finish in a few months but struggling to start it. I’ve been asked by my tutor to write 1000 words and see my tutor next week for a feed back. In my first seminar the tutor said “Breastfeeding rate in the UK is low” which is true then she said revise the literature. Next, think what we know about it. We have to find out why we have this in the UK. We, students, mentioned the reasons for this problem. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!For example, embarrassment, education, parents influence, lack of support, sexualisation of it, lack of support and judgement, people say cover your breasts, (In fact, I have chosen these points but there were other points as well). Then she said we found what the norms are now and we can think who these people are. Now I have to say who these people are, which is important for this writing, and who is thinking like this. Going back to my objective I have to target these people and educate them. As far as I know I have to target a special group for instance, 40-45 years old and change their attitude towards breastfeeding in the UK by educating them. I think, how I am going to do this is by creating some questions which is the next step. But, I have to write 1000 words first. If you would like more information, please let me know.

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