black lives matter FULL DISSERTATION

black lives matter FULL DISSERTATION

An excellent, well written and researched piece, which is able to clearly distinguish between history and its representations in pursuit of a critical argument. Very relevant and up to date.

You include references to some very relevant sources – Solomon Godeau etc. and explore the importance of photography to the civil rights movements of the 1950s/60s. Excellent research and a very clear thread supported by clear, legible description, and relevant factual research. Your ability to précis and summarise contributes to the clarity of your writing.

Make sure you look at the work of Nicholas Mirzoeff, especially ‘The Appearance of Black Lives Matter’ and his other work on vision and control, as well as exploring Foucault’s ideas of biopower as they have been interpreted by recent post-colonial writers. Stuart Hall is also a key source.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

The passages on research methodology represent some hard work and an attempt to make a framework for the project, which is good. However, some of this can be taken as given – with the essay you are proposing, it would be more productive to outline a critical methodology – this is what you would gain from Hall, and from a deeper understanding of the kinds of methodologies used by writers dealing with vision and difference. Ideas of voice, agency and positionality seem to me to be more important to your subject than formal methodology.

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I would look at a range of different photographs of the civil rights movement and maybe compare them how they were viewed by different audience at that time.

look into how they were used in America media images to create a negative impression like a battle of images some images were used for different thing like some images were used to scared people.

The news enpowered images to show police brutality Nicholas Mirzoem
Murther luther king / black panther

What this essay needs is good compare and contrast
What my essay needs to build on it is to make it more academic which means you need to compare with something also see it as a battle no all the images supported civil rights no all the images out there supported black lives matter the images were also put out there to say something else.

Theres also another side so compare it to things too

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