Benefits and Risks of Global MRO and OEM

Benefits and Risks of Global MRO and OEM

Module: Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Topic: Benefits and Risks of Global MRO and OEM

In this discussion activity, kindly address the following in your primary, original posting:

– Choose and examine a business in the aviation industry that has partnered with a global MRO or OEM provider.

– Discuss the benefits and risks associated with this relationship. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

– Example: American Airlines To Outsource Aircraft Maintenance To China

Include at least one appropriate and correct in-text citation from the textbook and any other source you use to support your response. You are also required to provide a reference list reflecting the source(s) used in your response. Your in-text citations and reference list must be in accordance with the current APA publication manual.


– Textbook chapter from Supply Chain Management and Transportation Logistics (Liu, 2011).
Chapter 11 – Aviation Logistics Management

– and other sources welcome

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