Assignment Help:explain why goal setting enhances performance in sport

Assignment Help:explain why goal setting enhances performance in sport

Discussion Question 1Basic Psychological SkillsDescribe a time when you used either goal setting, relaxation, self-talk, or imagery effectively as an athlete or coach. Contrast that time with another instance in which you used the same basic psychological skill but did not achieve a successful result. Hypothesize why the skill helped your performance in the former but not in the latter.Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:Described each experience in detail. [8 points]Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
Hypothesis is substantiated by theoretical constructs. [8 points]Discussion Question 2Goal SettingIn general people believe that goal setting facilitates performance by enhancing and regulating an athlete’s level of motivation. To what extent do you agree with this conclusion? What other possible mechanisms might explain why goal setting enhances performance in sport?Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question ResponseConclusion is substantiated by theory and/or substantial practical experience. [8 points]
Described other reasons why goal setting enhances performance in sport. [8 points]All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources

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