Assess and compare new strategic opportunities for Apple and Samsung

Assess and compare new strategic opportunities for Apple and Samsung

Instructions: •In the individual assignment you will assess and compare new strategic opportunities for two for-profit technology enterprises, both of which you likely already know. •The two enterprises are Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd, multinational makers of information and telecommunications technology products. Samsung is the current world leader in smartphone sales, while Apple is #1 in tablet computer sales. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!•Use the assigned readings, posted learning materials, online research (one of the current MBA Competencies that you have attained by now), and your personal knowledge and experience to develop the report. •You should also build on what you learned in these areas in earlier coursework, to include AMBA 640, AMBA 650, and AMBA 660 •Be succinct, a virtue in management reporting. Twenty double-spaced pages should be more than enough for this assignment. •As to overall report format, you should use A Format for Your Text Assignments (Mandatory Use). •Remember to include a results-filled executive summary at the beginning of your report.

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