Article Reviews

Article Reviews


  • Proper citation and formatting
  • 1 page, no more and no less, formatted as in the example on the back of this


Choose an article about any topic related to your major and review it. This review should be equal parts summary and commentary on the article. Tell me what you think, what you agree or disagree with, or what connections you can make between the article and other parts of your life.

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Grammar Total
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Proper citation here at the top: Stewart, Cortney M. “Instructions for Article Reviews.” Blackboard. 29 Dec. 2014. Web. 26 Jan. 2015.

This is where the text will go with no space between it and the citation; just hit enter at the end of the citation and start typing. It should be double spaced with extra space removed after paragraphs. Size 12 Times New Roman font with 1” margins all the way around. Your name and such go in the header as seen above. It might just be easiest to save this document to your computer and insert your information into the already formatted page. Make sure you pick the correct section number and don’t just leave it saying both. 022 is the 11:30 class. 029 is at 12:40.

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