Argumentative Essay

 Argumentative Essay

The argumentation/persuasion essay requires you to defend a position with strong reasons. Both argument and persuasion try to convince readers to adopt a specific position on an issue. Argument relies on logic whereas persuasion relies on appeals to emotions, values and beliefs. In practice, however, the distinction between the two is hazy as reason and logic are usually combined with appeals to emotions, values and beliefs. Thus, you may use logos, pathos and ethos to develop your argument

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  1. Use tactful, polite language
  2. Draw attention to common ground i.e. remind readers that the goal is common.
  3. Acknowledge differing points of view.
  4. When appropriate concede the merit of a differing viewpoint.
  5. Rebut the opposing point of view.
  6. Balance counterargument structurally, spatially and numerically. (These should not overwhelm or defeat the main argument.



Argue for the following statements:

Violence on television affects children and teens.




All drafts should be word-processed and double-spaced.



Can you find the thesis statement for the essay?

What, if anything, holds your paragraphs together?

Is your refutation convincing?

Does the conclusion grow out of the body of the essay?


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