Argument/Persuasion Essay

Essay #4 –Argument/Persuasion Essay

• 4-5 pages in length, BRING 3 COPIES TO CLASS
• Will require 2-3 outside sources and a Works Cited Page (MLA Citation)
• Format: Typed, 8-1/2 x 11 paper, double-spaced, 1 inch margin, 12-point font (Times New Roman)
• Spell check and proof read!!!!

This assignment gives you the opportunity to write about an issue of your choosing which is currently in the news. This is an argument/persuasion essay, which means I expect you to take a point of view on the topic you choose and either argue your side of it, or persuade readers of your position and/or take a specific action.
First, choose an issue that is current and that you feel is important. I suggest looking through newspapers and magazines if nothing comes immediately to mind. Next, find out what solutions or policies people are advocating for on that issue and why. Pick a manageable issue, given the size of your paper, and one about which people are likely to have an open mind.
Second, select a target audience. Who are you trying to convince? Other students? Young people? Opponents? Once you figure out your audience, frame your argument accordingly.
Third, take a stand on your issue! Your stand does not necessarily have to follow the prevailing tide of opinion. Collect information from reliable sources to support your position. Formulate arguments, and evidence to back up those arguments (statistics, studies, expert opinion, anecdotes). An effective essay will argue coherently and rationally for your position – while giving attention to alternate or opposing points of view.

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