are we too dependent on computers ?

are we too dependent on computers ?

Search for articles that will help you formulate and support your thesis for your Toulmin argument (essay #2). You will also need to find at least one source that represents an alternative or opposing argument. Compile a list of the five sources most relevant to your essay and describe them in your annotated bibliography. These can include sources that you have already discussed in your first essay.

Your sources must include:

at least one peer-reviewed academic article that you will use to support your claim or one of your premises.
at least one article that presents a different characterization of the issue or an opposing argument. This article does not have to directly oppose yours at the same level of stasis. For example, if you are making a claim about policy that is supported by a claim about causation, you may have to dispute another article that makes a different causal claim, even if it makes no claim about policy.
5 or more sources total.

Create a reference entry (author, date, title, etc.) for each source in APA format and, below each one, create an annotation (descriptive paragraph) for each source that does the following in approximately 5-7 sentences:

It must summarize the main argument (conclusion and at least one premise) of the source.
It must assess the article’s source and purpose. What is the author’s or publisher’s goal (besides informing people)? Who is the target audience? Does that affect how the article is written? How credible is this source? Is it peer-reviewed?
It must explain how you intend to use the article in your essay. Does it support your claim or one of your premises? Be specific. Is it an opposing argument that you will need to contradict? Is it a mischaracterization of the issue that you will need to correct? Does it help to demonstrate the exigence or constraints of the rhetorical situation?Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Each annotation should answer these three questions in a total of approximately 5-7 sentences. Do not simply repeat information in the published abstract. Plagiarism in the annotations is still plagiarism, and it will result in a failing grade for the assignment.

Format requirements

-Double-spaced, size 11 or 12 standard font
-Use a hanging indent when citing sources
-Organize sources in alphabetical order
-For basic help formatting your APA reference, see this guide from TAMUCC’s Writing Center:
-For help with APA citation for different types of sources, see
-For an example of an annotated bibliography, see

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