Are Caucasians less likely to get arrested and convicted than African American Males? (In California)

Are Caucasians less likely to get arrested and convicted than African American Males? (In California)

Paper must include the following:
*Must include references from the APA code of conduct
*Must come with a 10 question ‘yes or no’ questionnaire/survey (Design and Procedure)-This is the research of the paper/raw data, either backing up or not backing up the hypothesis, which is “African Americans are more likely to get arrested and convicted than African Americans. Survey should be ‘randomly given’ to 20 different people to collect data. (Don’t have to actually give survey out).
*Problem Statement: (Approx 900 words) an overview of the topic your research will investigate. It introduces and justifies your research question, key variables, their hypothesized relations, and your guiding theoretical perspective. It explains how your planned research is unambiguous in its goals and methods, concerned with a significant issue that will add to the store of human knowledge, theoretically justifiable and testable, practical and feasible to implement, ethical and respectful of human rights, and builds on existing knowledge in the field. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
*Literature Review: (Approx 900 words) a critical summary of existing research your project will build upon. Your review will evaluate at least five other relevant research projects from original sources in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. The lit review discusses previous research, as it influences the proposed project. It evaluates the methodological, theoretical, or substantive strengths or weaknesses of those studies and explains how they shape your research plans and also discuss Prop 47 as it relates to the review and this study.
*Ethics & Conduct of Research: (Approx. 900 words) summarizes potential ethical dilemmas, political consequences, and practical challenges associated with designing, conducting, implementing, and disseminating your research. It explains where your research process might go wrong and the safeguards you will put into place to minimize those risks.
*Design & Procedures: (Approx. 900 words) describes and justifies your plans for measurement, sampling, design, (Random sampling Cluster method) and analysis. It explains which data you would collect, when you would collect it, and what you would do with it to make sense of your topic and shed new light on your research question — and how and why. This section is a set of “how to” instructions for actually turning your “good idea” into a real plan for scientifically answering your original question (Survey/questionnaire).
Your research proposal is a carefully constructed argument for why your question should be answered and how a valid and reliable answer might be obtained. It should be a meticulous set of instructions for generating an answer according to the rules of scientific method, and it should make the case to interested parties for how such an answer can be achieved. Must also note about the Pre and Post debriefing given to all ‘participants,’ informed consent etc. per APA code of conduct.
*Limitations section-(Doesn’t have to be a number of words for this section) discussing why only twenty participants…further research on a bigger scale is necessary…etc.
*Discussion/Results-interpretation of results and discussion (Doesn’t have to be a number of words for this section)

*Some peer reviewed articles that should be included, if you can find them: (not mandatory)
-The Black and White in America: Views on Race and Inequality, Worlds Apart. (2017). Journal of Pan African Studies, (3), 397.
-Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Arrests for Drug Possession After California Proposition 47, 2011–2016
Mooney, A. a., Giannella, E., Glymour, M. M., Neilands, T. B., Morris, M. D., Tulsky, J., & Sudhinaraset,

*Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns

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