Applied theory section 2

Applied theory section 2

Section 2 Theoretical Framework: (50 points) Explanation and brief summary of theoretical perspective, including why it is the best orientation to address the specific family issue. This discussion should include a critical appraisal of your chosen theory compared to others, detailing why you feel it is the best choice for examining the issue. This section works like the theoretical framework of journal articles. Read a few articles to get a sense of how other authors write their introduction.

Initial Statement explaining which theory has been chose to explore the topic. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
Detailed discussion of how chosen theory helps to explain the topic chosen.
Explanation why other theories were not selected.
Include at least 3 references in addition to the five included in the Introduction.
Paper should be 2-3 pages not including title page or references (with 12 point font, double spacing, and one-inch margins), well organized, utilizing correct APA format for manuscripts, and grammatically correct. Include a complete reference list and citations

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