Apple Case Study

Apple Case Study

Business Ethics
TASK: In your team of five, you are to analyze and recommend a course of action that addresses an ethical dilemma faced by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple as described in this IVEY case; Building a “Backdoor” to the IPhone: An Ethical Dilemma.
• Prepare a Porter 5 Forces Analysis on an Industry.
• Analyse a relevant business case study on ethics.
• Recommend a course of action using the 3-step “Model of Ethical Judgment Making” framework from text.
• Practice researching the library online databases.
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Homework (Individual)
1. Read the case study that is posted on Blackboard (Assignments tab).
2. Research the North American Mobile Market on MarketLine Advantage (Seneca Libraries).
3. Research Apple Inc. on MarketLine Advantage (Seneca Libraries).
4. Review the Model of Ethical Judgment Making framework in the text, Chapter 3, pages 49 & 50.
In-Class Next Week (Group – answer the following questions with your peers)
5. Prepare a Porter 5 Forces Analysis of the North American mobile industry.
a. Do you think the North American mobile phone industry is attractive or unattractive based on your analysis?
6. How does Apple maintain its dominant market share and fend off the competition? In your view, how loyal are Apple users to the Apple brand?
7. Analyze and compare two courses of action for addressing the ethical dilemma faced by Tim Cook using the “Model of Ethical Judgment Making” framework.
8. If you were Tim Cook, what would you do and why?
9. Be prepared to briefly present your answer to question #8 at the end of class.
10. Submit your case study answers to me online (one per group) by end of the day.

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