Analyze the text of the excerpt from Emerson’s Nature anddiscuss how the writer presents his experience with nature while in solitude and the spiritual connection that he has with God through nature

To successfully accomplish this task, you will need to analyze Emerson’s actual language. This is essential. I am not asking you what your thoughts are about Emerson’s views. I am asking you to analyze what he wrote. •You need to make sure that you analyze the following key elements in Emerson’s essay:a) What Emerson feels is required to achieve the kind of solitude he is discussing.b) How our awe for the stars help us to understand what true solitude means.c) How all natural objects can fill us with the same sense of awe if we are open to their influence.d) How seeing this way is the way the poet sees.e) How seeing with this sense of wonder is the way many people experience nature when they are children.f) How the “transparent eyeball” passage represents the awe, the willingness to be open to the influence of all natural objects, the way the poet sees, the child-like wonder that we can have for nature, and his connection with God through nature. be very thorough about thisPlease note I am not asking you to discuss your views about his thoughts. Your task is to analyze the text (so you will need to summarize, paraphrase and directly quote from Emerson and use your analysis of the text to shape your understanding of how he experiences solitude and nature). And your essay is not only a summary … it is an analysis.Do not write from the perspective of what you think Emerson is trying to say; instead, write from the perspective of what he actually writes and how his observations are interconnected and what they, ultimately, lead to.

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Audience: Your audience will be familiar with this excerpt, so you should not retell everything that happens in them. Instead, focus on those passages that you choose to analyze. You should summarize, paraphrase and quote those passages that will help you to demonstrate how Emerson describes his experiences with nature in solitude. Do not use “I” or “You.” Essay Structure: ( 1) Make sure your introduction establishes the nature of what Emerson does in his essay—and then make sure that your introduction is introducing us to your thesis and the analysis you will be covering in your body paragraphs. (2) Your thesis should be a specific claim about how Emerson connects with God through nature and solitude. (3) Your body paragraphs should connect your various analyses of the passages you cover (and directly relate to the claim that you make in your thesis). They should also provide your reader the material needed to understand how you came to your conclusion. (4) Your conclusion should tie together everything you say in your body paragraphs and tell us, ultimately and conclusively, how Emerson’s essay explores his connection with God through solitude and nature. Your conclusion should be specifically connected to your thesis.

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