analytical essay on the world view of a journal article.

analytical essay on the world view of a journal article.

In order to better understand the constructed nature of media content, you
have to write an analytical essay on the world view of a journal article. To do so,
you will have to read and analyze the mediatized discourse. On the formal level,
you will have to describe the communication elements according to Jakobson’s
model (sender, receiver, context and biases, channel(s), code(s), main and
secondary functions). For the message, you will have to “fact-check” it using valid
and serious sources. Then you will be able to offer your perception of this “View
on the world” using the analytical dissertation format learned in class.
 Find an article in english (must be at least 200 words and from a major
news institution or confirmed by teacher); a copy must be provided with the
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 Do some research about the article’s main subjects to fact check it’s
affirmations using serious and valid sources,
 Reflexive process: find and develop an original interpretation of the article,
 Outline your analytical essay,
 Write essay (300 words/1½ page),
 The 2018-10-11 period will be reserved for help with the redaction (in
 Submit essay to your teacher in readable1
format before 2018-10-18 13:30
via LÉA.

*.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.odt, *.txt, *.rtf
Evaluation criteria
 Correct use of specific languages with at least two examples for each topic
sentences (semantic/narrative/communication/film)
 Correct usage of media references
 Clear critical analysis point of view on article (Thesis statement and two
 Clear critical analysis on the perceived impact of the article
 Use of at least two (2) citations from different media to back your analysis
(valid and serious sources must be used)
 Originality of thought process
 Presentation and quality of language
Tips for an outstanding essay:
 Read article multiple times
 Write from what you know
 Give yourself the time to reflect and write
 Ask questions and discuss your reflexion with your teacher and your peers
 Do not commit plagiarism
 Proofread your essay at least twice (once for the content, once for the form
and language).

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