analytical comparison of characterization between “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse and “Like a Friend” by Pulp

Write an outline (about 150 words) and an essay (650 words) analytical comparison of characterization between the two songs, “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse and “Like a Friend” by Pulp. My instructor gave us six categories to choose from: time, setting, characterization, conflict, theme, or style. I chose characterization; be careful of the category overlapping the others. Just focus on characterization; if you want more information about the categories, check this link Be sure to make an insightful, rigorous argument, and to support your argument with analysis and with specific references to the texts. Avoid summary and observations. Don’t supply general background information about the artist or text. Instead, get immediately to your argument. Make sure the argument is backed up by text, however do not over quote it; use less quotes. Introduce the main elements of your subject in the first Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!paragraph. Try to write simply and directly; avoid jargon. The essay is short, so write a very short introduction and don’t repeat yourself in your conclusion. Compare and contrast on similarities, differences, or both similarities and differences (example: perspective, narrative, metaphor, image, and etc). Do not worry about repeating a term or word; content is more important than style. Make sure it’s doubled spaced, using 12 point font. Put your thesis statement and topic sentences in bold. Make sure the outline contains a thesis statement, topic sentences, and point form lists beneath each topic sentence. Feel free to look at the essay samples in the link I provided to get a better understanding of what my instructor wants.

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