Analysis of Visual Rhetoric

Analysis of Visual Rhetoric


For this assignment, you will be applying some of the concepts you learned in this module about visual and digital rhetoric by analyzing a piece of visual rhetoric in 750-1000 words. Hopefully, you will be able to think seriously about how persuasion works within the visual world.

Later in the course, you will be writing a rhetorical analysis of a text that is either written or spoken. In both cases, you will analyze the rhetorical situation (visual claim), the context surrounding it, and the rhetorical appeals and rhetorical strategies being employed.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

In addition, you will examine and explain the intended effects of the visual rhetoric within these texts. This includes the use of color, camera angles/lenses, texture, use of space, etc. Many of these strategies are explained in this module.

Assignment Details

Locate a piece of visual or digital rhetoric. This could be an advertisement (print or video), a famous photo or painting, a poster, or even a graphic novel. Your choice must use rhetoric (visual, possibly with some text) in an interesting and persuasive manner. The piece that you chose should be fairly sophisticated. You don’t want to analyze the obvious. Your analysis needs to help the reader understand how the text/image works to persuade its intended audience.


1. Choose a piece to analyze on your own from a simple Google search. I suggest using a simple, direct search phrase, such as “Great print ads to analyze.”

2. Once you have chosen a visual claim, please submit the URL to the “Visual/Digital Rhetoric Topic Proposal:Visual Choice Assignment” which is next assignment in this module.

2. Now, you need to start analyzing the visual/digital claim that you have chosen. One good place to start is answering the questions in the Tips For Analysis section of this module. You do not turn in these answers; answering the questions will help you draft your essay.

3. Come up with a thesis or claim about the piece you will be analyzing.

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