Analysis of Joel Katelnikoff’s “The Accompanying Illustration”

Analysis of Joel Katelnikoff’s “The Accompanying Illustration”

Narrative Project Guidelines and Objectives


Thus in a storied world…things do not exist, they occur. Where things meet, occurrences intertwine, as each becomes bound up in the other’s story. Every such binding is a place or topic. It is in this binding that knowledge is generated. To know someone or something is to know their story, and to be able to join that story to one’s own. (Tim Ingold 161-62)



The narrative project is designed to encourage students to see assigned readings as part of a meshwork that includes their own stories. The project is also designed to help students think about their own subject positions (situated perspectives) in relation to the course material.

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Students will write a story that demonstrates their situated perspective (frame of reference).


Students will also write an “Artist’s Statement,” which demonstrates the student’s understanding of the following question: Why is it important to recognize and acknowledge the perspective of the reader/listener in a course that studies close analysis of textual material?



The Written Narrative can be a family story (with permission), or it can be something the student has experienced.


The student will avoid the following:


  • Appropriating voice.
  • Disclosing someone else’s hightly personal information.
  • Making generalizations.
  • Retelling the plot of a novel or film.



Please type and print the story. No handwritten assignments.                Grading Rubric for Narrative Project


Artist’s Statement (50%)

500 Words


Your “Artist’s Statement” will be an analysis of the connection between your story and your situated perspective. You will:


  • explain why you chose to tell this particular story.
  • explain how your story demonstrates(论证) your particular subject position.
  • choose one or two texts that we’ve studied this term and discuss how your own story influences your perception and understanding this text, or these texts.
  • discuss how this course material has added to your story and augmented(扩张) your perception.


Written Narrative (40%)

1000 Words


My assessment of this document will be based on the following:

  • use of specific detail (no generalizations).
  • a clear demonstration of your situated perceptions in relation to this course.
  • connection to the major themes of this class: relationality, interconnection(互相联络), and dynamic systems.


Participation in Narrative Project Workshop (10%)

This aspect of the project requires that you submit a draft of your written project and your Artist’s Statement and work with a classmate to improve his/her project. Our Project workshop date is listed on the course syllabus.

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