Analysing supply chain risk

Analysing supply chain risk

Assessment Information

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes 1 and 3.

  1. Critically demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the complex organizational relationships of managing inventory, supply chain risk within modern global business operations and constraints.
  2. Critically analyse, recommend and justify the selection of suitable logistics approaches for selected aspects of the global supply and distribution systems of various types of international enterprises

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This assignment is an individual assignment.




The globalization of supply chain networks has introduced new challenges to organizations. These include the need to manage risks in the supply chain and the requirement to proactively mitigate theses risks. The case study paper “BUILDING THE RESILIENT SUPPLY CHAIN” Martin Christopher will be reviewed. Using this paper, your knowledge and other publications, critically review the area of supply chain risk management.


Instructions to students


You are required to produce:

  1. An overview of supply chain management
  2. A critical evaluation of supply chain risks
  3. Identification of risk mitigation strategies


Criteria for Assessment


Criteria Proportion of overall module mark
1. Introduction/summary

·         Is the topic well introduced and clearly defined?


2. Review of the Case study

·         Have the most relevant theories and ideas regarding  supply chain operations and risk been critically discussed

·         What insights have been drawn from other literature?

3. Critical Analysis


·         Is there a clear and logical flow to the arguments presented?

·         Have the main findings been reviewed and are they consistent with research and practice?

·         Are arguments supported by theory and/or practice?

·         Is the discussion clear and coherent?

·         Is theory and practical aspects linked?

4. Presentation, grammar, spelling and referencing 10%
Total 100% (x 30% weighting)



Word Count

The word count is 2000


There will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark (after internal moderation) for work exceeding the word limit by 10% or more.

The word limit includes quotations, but excludes the final reference list and appendices.

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