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Provide a 1 to 2 page case description of your client(s). Include the presenting problem, a description of your agency, and how the agency context influences your
current work with your client.

Select two of the following theories/models:

Affect Regulation
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Psychodynamic/Object relations
Structural family therapy
Trauma Informed Care
A theory/model that you learned during your first year or one that is used by your agency

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Present (1) your understanding of your clients’ issues and (2) goals of your intervention based on each theory/model. For example, what would be your understanding of
the issues and goals if you were using (1) CBT or (2) object relation theories/models?

Present the intervention strategies that you would use with your client for each model. Describe at least two intervention strategies per model.

Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the two approaches for your case and discuss the approach that you would use with your client(s). Justify your

Case Study:

Scott was a 16 year old Black male who grew up in Far Rockaway. Crime, drug dealing, gunfire, and gangs were common in the neighborhood where he was raised. During
childhood, Scott lived with his mother and three sisters and his grandmother would babysit during the time his mother was out. Scott reported that he had a “very good”
relationship with his mother and that she always provided for him. While Scott knew his father, he never lived in the home with them. Scott’s father used drugs and
beat his mother. At age 8 Scott recalled the first restraining order against his father. As a child, Scott remembered being raised mostly by his grandmother because
his mother wasn’t around enough. Scott can’t recall whether she has a job currently or ever but was never concerned about his mother’s employment so long as she was
home. However Scott felt that his grandmother loved him unconditionally and made up for the time his mother was out of the house.
Scott first used drugs (marijuana) at age 13 and alcohol at 14 years old. He has since only used marijuana and alcohol. Scott joined a gang at the age of 14. He
completed the 9th grade and stated that he was involved in a lot of fights at school. Scott has never had a job because he said he has just become a legal age to work
but does sell drugs for money. He started selling drugs at the age of 13.
Trauma history
At age 15, Scott was in a car accident. While he was unhurt, the person in the other car was injured. He was smoking marijuana when the accident occurred. We offer the best custom writing services at affordable rates!
Scott has also reported being seriously injured a number of times as a result of gang fights, including being hit with a baseball bat. For his gang initiation, he was
physically assaulted by 10 gang members resulting in a visit to the emergency room. Scott’s cousin was arrested for attempted murder. He has been threatened with a
gun, he has seen a dead body, and he has been robbed twice.
Adaptation to trauma
Scott scored above average on the BASC Mental Health Screen in 5 trauma scales however he scored low on the PTSD scales. Scott did not report any negative consequences
from his traumatic experiences. He reported he would use “more weed” after something bad happened as a way to cope and he knows others that have been through worse.

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