Advanced Leadership Theories

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1. Several conceptual models of educational leadership have emerged over many decades including, servant leadership, instructional leadership, distributed leadership, adaptive leadership and transformational leadership. Choose two of these conceptual models to educational leadership for further analysis to answers the areas below. You are expected to support your discussions with significant amount of relevant literature.

a) Offer an in-depth analysis of theoretical foundations and conceptions of each model.
b) By using a historical perspective, discuss the evolution of each leadership model.
c) Compare and contrast the similarities and differences of each model.
d) Compare and contrast each model for strengths and weakness.
e) What empirical evidence is available documenting the contributions of either or both models to increasing cognitive and non-cognitive educational outcomes?
f) How would you assess the effectiveness of school leaders who adopt each model?

2. Assessment of leadership effectiveness is essential to ensure the positive influence of educational leaders to educational processes and outcomes. In this sense, the assessment of effectiveness of educational leaders is directly tied to the “legitimacy” of educational leadership as a scientific field and profession.
a. What are some approaches to the assessment of educational leaders’ effectiveness? Offer a historical discussion of select approaches to the assessment of educational leaders’ effectiveness.
b. Contemporary approaches to the assessment of leadership effectiveness call for the use of (a) multi-factor and (b) multi-source assessment mechanisms. Offer a well-developed and convincing discussion of these attributes of contemporary approaches to the assessment of leadership effectiveness.
c. By considering the two main attributes (see item b above) of contemporary approaches to the assessment of educational leadership, how does the assessment method used in Arkansas, LEADS, fair in the assessment of educational leaders?

3. If you elect to develop and answer your question, please type your question here.

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