A Diamond as Big as the Ritz

A Diamond as Big as the Ritz

Research Essay Outline

  1. Introduction – could be multiple paragraphs
    1. Hook reader (quotation, anecdote, shocking statement, etc.)
    2. Transition into:
      1. Identify primary work and any information (biographical, historical, etc.) that is relevant to understanding the work
      2. Possibly summarize critical opinion and/or describe critical problems about your topic
  • Identify any special circumstance, issues or controversies associated with the work Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
  1. State research lens that you’ve selected for your essay
  2. Possibly hint at “So What?” element – gracefully – and any connection of the work to today’s issues and themes (optional in intro; mandatory in conclusion)

Organize body paragraphs by categories.  For example, in an essay on symbols, create a list of symbol categories: symbols relevant to Greek mythology, symbols relevant to the Bible, symbols relevant to American history, symbols relevant to Shakespeare’s works.  Similarly, in an essay on historical context, categories may be broken down by years or significant events or simply categories like: social, political, financial, etc.

  1. Body – multiple paragraphs with the aim to show how the details from the work you’ve chosen are illuminated by the research lens you’ve selected:
    1. Topic sentence (argue something specific) – see our work on writing strong TS
    2. Specific research component derived from research theme in thesis (quotation/paraphrase)
    3. Analysis of Research (keep in mind the 2 to 1 ratio so for every quote there should be two analysis about the quote)
    4. Detail from primary work (quotation/paraphrase)
    5. Analysis of primary work detail within the context of the research (ratio)
    6. Concluding thought – back and forth between primary work and research component culminates in a meaningful concluding point addressing the “so what?” question and adding something to the “unending conversation”
  • Conclusion – can be multiple paragraphs
    1. Instead of merely summarizing main points, answer the question “So What?” and “Who Cares?” – to clarify, this connection needs to be woven throughout the essay and should culminate in a clear conclusion by this point in the paper

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