psychometrically sound instruments to measure constructs

week 6 disscusion

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To prepare for this Discussion, select the following required article from this week’s Resources: Chaudhary et al. (2013). (Attached) Assume you are contemplating
using the instrument identified in your chosen article to measure the purported construct(s) in your study.
Post an explanation of the importance of psychometrically (reliability and validity) sound instruments to measure constructs within quantitative business research. In
your explanation, do the following:
• Describe the similarities and differences of reliability and validity within the context of quantitative business research.
• Identify the instrument utilized in your chosen article, including relevant details such as requirements or tools.
• Discuss the concepts of the instrument’s measurements and their psychometric properties.
• Explain why or why not you would use this instrument in your own DBA Doctoral Study, providing support based upon your assessment of its psychometric properties.

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