19th century thinker

19th century thinker

Select two thinkers OR ideologies from the list provided in the guidelines for the research assignment (or choose two of your own).

On TWO pages (maximum)….

1.Provide a sharply focused title that reflects your purpose.

2. Write an introduction that provides both a short background and a rationale for writing about the two thinkers or ideologies. Identify the key themes that you will be organizing your comparison/contrast (e.g., “equality,” “freedom,” “government,” “justice,” “violence,” “rights”). The more focused the topic, the more manageable the research.

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3. Provide a point-form breakdown of the structure of your paper (i.e., the main themes you will be developing in the assignment, along with the sub points).

4. Provide a minimum of four scholarly sources (one primary source and one secondary source for each thinker or ideology) that you intend to draw on (articles or books). Choose sources that focus on the thinkers’ IDEAS. You can use any citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago).

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